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my portfolio is down


Blog Gallery by Picturesurf

Trying a new plugin for wordpress. Picturesurf, a gallery plugin. If this works well for me I might replace my old porfolio with picturesurf galleries on pages of this blog.

I’ve been using zenphoto gallery software for my web portfolio for several months and upgraded to the latest version at the same time I upgraded my wordpress software for this blog. (See previous post) Apparently my FTP client upgrade was bad and my uploads were missing critical files.

I think I have all my wordpress blog issues sorted out, but the upgrade of zenphoto for my portfolio still isn’t working correctly. I liked the simplicity of the zenphoto galleries and am sorry I’ve broken mine. With limited time this month to spend trying to fix my zenphoto installation, I’ve decided to test some other options for photo galleries.

I’ve tried coppermine. It’s gallery design is too busy and would require much of my time customizing to get the simple look I desire. Still, I see what others have done with coppermine and might consider it.

Anyone have suggestions for simple and clean design gallery software?

White Saturday

The dark eyed juncos are eating seeds from my feeders this morning. This one sits on the fence while swallowing a piece of cracked corn.

The woodpecker tried the feeder, too, but saw me watching and flew to an aspen.



afternoon light on mt. mahogany

Mountain Mahogany again. I can’t stay away from it in autumn when the feathery seeds catch the light.

Last weekend’s show: As the week before, it was the baby foxes that brought the most smiles and questions. I was happy to see that other images were noticed and taken home to hang or gift, too. Thanks to CNN and all the Holiday Boutique volunteers and shoppers for another good show.  

Autumn Snow

I’ve been busy printing and framing for two November shows. Yesterday morning I resisted the urge to go out in the snow to photograph and captured this scene through the window before getting back to work. The snow was not too deep for a delivery truck to bring some replacement inks for the printer in the late afternoon. Much of the snow will melt today.

smart seeds

Each autumn I marvel at the seeds of mountain mahogany. The feathery part curls and straightens with changes in humidity. When the seed is on the ground it digs itself in with the curling action.