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dawn flight



Dawn flight with full moon  April 5, 2015 ©ConDaily

After all the excitement of photographing the lunar eclipse on Saturday my favorite of the weekend was Sunday’s full moon at colorful dawn with a solitary bird. Click for larger size.

goodbye to summer

the last paintbrush in the meadow

The transition to autumn has begun. Late summer wildflowers are fewer and smaller, many have gone all to seed with no blooms left. Aspens leaves are turning golden yellow and contrast beautifully with the greens of the conifers. The broadtail hummingbirds are leaving the area and will be remembered fondly until next spring. Their rival, rufous, is long gone. Nights are very cool and mid-days warm. I want to write that it’s my favorite time of year, but in January I may contradict that when I proclaim my love for winter.

hummingbird farewell