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dawn flight



Dawn flight with full moon  April 5, 2015 ©ConDaily

After all the excitement of photographing the lunar eclipse on Saturday my favorite of the weekend was Sunday’s full moon at colorful dawn with a solitary bird. Click for larger size.

Facing the Moon



Photographing the moon as it sets at full phase or waning by just a day or two is one of my favorite things. Unless the sky is completely overcast I make several images on such mornings. This time, the moon’s position allowed me to capture its setting along with the many faces I see in the rock.


moon through clouds

moon setting over lions back with clouds
The moon setting before dawn over a forested hillside got me up this morning but the 8 inches of snow on the deck kept me from wading out too far to capture it shining through the clouds. I’m looking forward to the next few mornings for moon sets.

moon and lions head

moon and lions head

This was yesterday morning in which two of my favorite subjects offered an image I could not ignore! I woke at sunrise and grabbed tripod and camera and hit the deck barefoot. The temperature was 49 degrees F, but I didn’t notice my cold feet until I’d spent 25 min. watching and photographing the moon setting alongside lions head. I love the way the shadow of the mountains behind me slip away to reveal the a radiant lion as the sun rises.

moon and lions head

Some people say they can’t see the lion in this over 9,000 ft rock outcrop, but I know he’s there for he motivates me to get out of my warm bed and photograph. The lion performs well with clouds and fog, snow and trees, and early light. I adore him with the moon. Some people do morning yoga salutations to the sun, but my morning salutations often point to the lion on my western horizon.