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just passing through

Mt. Silverheels

I do a lot of quick photos from the car window as I ride through landscapes I like to photograph on the way from here to there and back again. I save some of the photos to remind me of places I want to return on foot to photograph. Some are used as composite parts of other images I create and print.


I focus through dirty glass or reflections a lot, but sometimes must lower the windows to get a better image. The dirty glass is similar to sensor dust spots in the barn image above. The tree and cloud below was captured through the dirty windshield, but at a larger aperture allowing me to focus through the dirt on the glass.

tree and cloud

I’m almost as serious about making these drive by images as I am the slowly and carefully executed captures with camera steady on tripod. Not only do I get more images than if I always waited until we stopped the car, but I use the time as a passenger to practice and increase my speed with the lenses and cameras I use.

red and white ranch structures

Fences, vegetation, the big house (not in this view), and the changing perspective with the background as we speed past this red and white ranch challenge me to choose the best moment to click the shutter.

South Twin Cone and metal-clad log structure

With camera in my hand as we travel to and from I always capture an image or two and hope each trip for beautiful light to illuminate my world.

snow plow

Disclaimer: Don’t try this alone! Remember I said I was a passenger in the car, not the driver!