look who’s back

Last spring I photographed a baby fox with a crooked face nicknamed Tippy by my neighbors.  I saw Tippy several times throughout the summer and fall and then no more.  Early yesterday morning the fox with the face you can’t mistake was running by my house. It paused for a moment while I photographed and then continued on its way.


6 thoughts on “look who’s back

  1. Con

    I hope he (she?) remembers my camera from the mornings last spring and comes by to pose again, but there are a couple of other foxes we see more often, so Tippy may not be able to hang around.

  2. Catrina J Scherr

    What a neat thing that he has come back. He has really grown I can’t believe that is the same cute little pup we watched and fell in love with last spring. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. Con Daily Post author

    Howard, These foxes aren’t too wild, they live near people so are used to seeing us. If we stand still they will usually pause and look at us, but if we moved toward them they run away. The fox in this image was back yesterday at sunset curled up on a stump. I took a few pictures of him from the lower level of our house several feet below where the fox lay. I’ll have a look at the images and post one soon if I got the nice images I think I did.

  4. Cupcake!

    😀 I like Tippy! He/she reminds me of my cat! My cat was hit by a car when he was only a kitten and lost a fang because of it so whenever he opens his mouth to yawn and he closes it too fast, his face looks like Tippy’s! Hahaha!! You take amazing photos!

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