reviewing June

male broadtail hummingbird

I’m still sorting through all the photos I captured in June and now it’s July already. Here are some June captures I found in the files dumped hurriedly onto the computer during the past few weeks.

another tongue:

male broadtail sticks out his tongue

sipping current nectar:

male broadtail with current flowers


baby nuthatch:

sparrow? what kind?    Female redwing! Thanks, Drew!

western tanager:

red fox “tippy” at sunset:

red fox resting on a stump in the glow of the setting sun


8 thoughts on “reviewing June

  1. Con

    Thanks, Wren, Mark, and Moe. Tippy’s face does make an interesting photo and in the glow of evening sunlight an image that I knew would be sweet when I pressed the shutter button.

  2. Drew

    I believe your mystery sparrow picture is in fact an adult female Red-winged Blackbird.

  3. Con Daily Post author

    Thank you, Drew. Now, I am remembering a couple of other photos from that day where the male red wing and this female red wing are in similar positions. If I can find them, I’ll post them.

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