Rufous days of summer

male rufous perches on an aspen branch watching for feeding competition

Middle of July brings the rufous hummingbird, already migrating south. Rufous only visits my area on the southbound migration. The northbound route is much farther west.

This yearly visit changes the behavior of the broadtails who have been feeding and nesting here
since late April. As the rufous charge in and seize control of July flowers and feeders,
the broatails must sneak to the feeders and flowers for a quick sip before a guarding rufous
chases them away.

rufous perches on an aspen branch watching for feeding competition

Smaller and faster than the broadtails, rufous are expert flyers and very agressive. It is hard to get  hovering photos of either species at my place right now with all the quick sipping and high speed fleeing and pursuing going on around here.

However, I confess I haven’t put much effort into photographing the hummingbirds and my normal nature subjects for a few weeks.

male rufous perches on an aspen branch watching for feeding competition

A wonderful week long visit with family has kept me busy photographing people rather than birds and other nature subjects. I also spent a few hours this month photographing a wedding party as an assistant to a professional portrait and wedding photographer/friend and neighbor.

Dark afternoons have promised and sometimes delivered welcome rains this month. After the rains, I like to photograph summer wildflowers. But, I’ve been digging and pulling alien weeds after the rains (it’s easier then) and doing wildfire mitigation (cleaning up deadfall and dry plant material) around my home this month. 

Now, I’ve made a promise to myself to spend more time in the coming weeks on my nature photography work and less time with people and house chores. A moose was sighted in an area close to my home recently. I’d love to photograph her if she’s still around. 

Happy July!


P.S. Another project on the table now is an Artist Co-op in a nearby town. This is something I’ve
wanted to do with area artists about for about three years. An opportunity is on the horizon, so we are meeting and researching. I’ll write more about this when (and if)  we get to the planning stage.

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