stormy upgrade

This is a test post. The storm photo is from a trip through South Park in late July this year. The trip was as stormy as last night’s wordpress upgrade to version 2.6.5.

I’m having problems with the visual editor and the file uploading tool. At first, the upload tool didn’t show up at all so I found the missing files and uploaded those. Now I can upload, but can’t check what I’ve done with the visual editor, can only see and write in the html editor.

5 thoughts on “stormy upgrade

  1. wren

    WordPress Upgrades: It’s not a blog, it’s an adventure.

    Seriously, there’s an upgrade plugin that a friend pointed me at and it’s made life much easier.

  2. Con Daily Post author

    Thanks, passionnature! I love seeing your fine photography, too.

  3. Con Daily Post author

    Wren, it may be awhile before I’m feeling adventurous again!
    At first I thought part of my problems were with the old theme. Changing to a new one only solved a couple of minor issues, though. Files were being missed during the ftp uploads. I uninstalled the ftp client and got a fresh one installed and things seem to be better. However, I had also upgraded my portfolio software with the bad ftp client and now that is broken, too. Don’t know when I’ll find the time to fix the mess I’ve made of my website!

  4. Melissa

    Bummer! Poor you! I use Blogger, and have considered switching to WordPress, but twice I’ve tried to start up a wordpress blog, and couldn’t figure out how to even begin!

    I’m turning into an aquarium keeper, little fish called Guppies. Not the baby frog things, I call those Pollywogs. Anyway, they are wonderfully colorful fish, tiny, and difficulttttt to photo! Maybe you can come with your good, fast camera!

    Good luck with the techno stuff!

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