Con Daily


About me, Con Daily

My photography is focused on areas close to my home in Colorado. Though I am interested in all the world, my proccess is to be where I am and enjoy my place in it. The images I make reflect my daily observations and my love of life and seasons, of nature and history, of place and time.


About the Images


Single Image Captures

When the light, my subject and its background, my camera settings and eyes work together to capture a great single image that matches my vision, I print the image as it was captured with minimal processing. Many of my images are single image captures printed on fine art photo papers with pigment.



When I want to make the image that could have been if only some element were included or excluded, I combine two or more images. I may take the perfectly posed hummingbird from a boring background and add it to an image of flowers to make a more pleasing, yet photo-realistic, image. Printed on fine art photo papers with pigment.



No longer concerned with realism, my collage process combines images and other graphic elements such as text layers or images of scanned objects to reveal a truth, idea, or feeling. Printed on fine art papers with pigment.


Digital Painting

Starting with a single image capture, I use a digital pen tablet and software brushes to create an image that retains the essential of the original image while adding my hand work on the tablet. Printed on fine art papers with pigment.